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  • Auto Clave(AC)
    The AC Series is the most basic type of steam sterilizer. It is a semi-automatic process system that can work with the Auto System from reaching the set temperature to steam discharge at the end of sterilization.
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  • Auto Clave(AC_L)
    The AC(L) Series has realized the utilization of a wider chamber space to accommodate a wider variety of sterile objects to the features of the existing AC model. For greater capacity and pressure control, bolt lock control was used in screw lock.
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  • Auto Clave(AD)
    The AD Series is a sterilizer that can be easily operated even for various sterilization experiments through five sterilization cycles. Space constraints were removed by installing the door open up and down, and the safety of users was also considered through the control of the door locking system.
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  • Auto Clave(FW)
    The FW Series is a sterilizer that introduces a fully automated system of sterilization process. In addition to the auto-tuning function, if there is insufficient water inside the chamber, the water level control sensor detects the current amount of water and supplies it automatically.
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